Randi Bartosiak is a photographer in Los Angeles. She has lived in LA for the last 16 years and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Design in 2015. Over the last few years, she has worked in the apparel industry, auction house e-commerce, and in real estate interior and exterior photography. Randi has a personal interest in portrait imagery and working with models on set. She is interested in photographic, video, and post production editing career pursuits.

Randi is from New England, her Jewish heritage on her mother’s side is from New York City Flushing Queens. She grew up in central Connecticut with a mom who worked as a social worker and a step dad who worked in aerospace parts manufacturing facility. She studies electrical mechanical in college before moving to Los Angeles initially to work as a paralegal in disability claims. Randi pursued photography at the LA City College and eventually gained acceptance into the architecture and spacial oriented design program at California State University Long Beach.

Randi has a background using in-studio and on-location strobe flash equipment and lighting theory. She is comfortable using a camera completely manual at all times in exposure and focal sharpness. She is dedicated to the practice of photographic imagery from the time of analog film to the current digital era. Randi has a strong understanding of color theory, her thought process in composition, exposure, and workflow comes from a place of professionalism.